Happy New Year!

It is with baited breath that the country awaits its Brexit fate. The planning world however continues to spin at a slower rate than the economy. At a time when confidence in the market should be supported.

We were busy behind the scenes on a lot of commercial and financial projects at the latter end of 2018. It is becoming clear that as developers try to save their ever decreasing margins there is an increasing struggle with local planning authorities trying to grab their share. The community infrastructure levy has again been the cause of stress for clients. This is particularly self-build projects that are being led by professionals from other industries who fail to advise properly. The problem is that the importance of planing the project the right way can be overlooked.

As often quicker and cheaper to appoint a Chartered Town Planning Consultant as early as possible in the process if you want to extend your home or build a new one. This gives a strategic and professional edge to your applications and makes sure everything is as it should be.