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HLF Planning is recognised by the Royal Town Planning Institute as being one of only a select number of consultancies in the United Kingdom to be able to offer legal advice and services. It is not always necessary to have legal representation during the planning process, but having the option and safety net there if you need it puts you in a strong position.

High Court Challenge (Judicial Review)

The majority of applications for Judicial Review of Planning Decisions will be made purely because there is no other route of appeal. For example, an objector to a planning application can use this route if the application is granted, because no appeal is possible to the Planning Inspector.

Alternatively the claimant might be someone who challenges a decision made by a public body, perhaps on the basis that it has not followed its own procedures or policies.

S106 Agreements and CIL

Drafting such agreements can be difficult and complex, requiring a consideration for not only national guidance but also local policy and the ability to negotiate effectively with officers from the planning authority. A properly drafted legal agreement can protect you from unexpected costs and help the budgeting requirements of your proposal.

With most local authorities adopting the Community Infrastructure Levy (‘CIL’) on a local basis, there is the opportunity for considerable disparity even within small geographic areas.

Our team are able to look at any CIL that is in place and offer not only advice on the level of contribution expected but also whether there are exemptions that may be applicable.



Certain development activities can result in a court summons. For example, works to a listed building or a protected tree without permission or failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice.

Our legal team will prepare the most robust defence available and often will engage with the local authority to reach a compromise and avoid court if possible.

Early engagement is always in your best interest because it is never a good strategy to hope that serious matters will simply go away. The important thing to remember is that getting the best defence means that you give yourself a fair trial.

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