Mobile Home and Caravan Sites

Mobile Home and Caravan Sites

Sites for accommodating park homes and caravans require both planning permission and a site licence from the local council.

Unfortunately, the law does not currently recognise and difference between the type of home, classing them all as ‘temporary structures’ without the normal permitted development rights, meaning that almost any form of development whatsoever needs planning permission – strictly speaking, from a porch extension to a new boundary fence or a flower bed.

In issuing a site licence, Councils have the power to attach conditions, but must have regard to the ‘Model Standards’ and if the licence is already in existence, they must also consult with the licence holder.

We are able to apply for licences or appeal the imposition of conditions if the statutory requirements have not been met. We also defend prosecutions for non-compliance.

There are not many planning consultant firms that have a specialism in this area, but our team has considerable experience having dealt with issues on behalf of site owners, residents and local authorities. One of our team was involved in the development of the Model Standards for sites before they were released for general consultation.

We are able to help with the preparation and submission of applications for planning permission or represent clients on appeals as well as drafting agreements and other contracts, licensing and enforcement.