Footpaths and Rights of Way

Footpaths, Roads & Rights of Way

In law, there are a number of different types of public right of way, broadly split into the following ;

Footpaths: these give a right of way only on foot.

Bridleways: access is available on foot, on horseback and leading a horse, on bicycles and in some cases also with a right to lead or drive animals.

Roads Used as Public Paths: these are generally used by the public in the same way as a footpath or bridleway, but do not necissarilyinclude vehicular rights. In some parts of the country RUPPs were reclassified individually as byway, bridleway or footpath and others are now restricted byways.

Restricted Byways: these give rights for all traffic except mechanically propelled vehicles.

Byways Open to All Traffic : these give a right of way for all traffic.

Cycle Tracks: these paths give a right of way for all types of pedal cycles, but not mopeds