Pre-application Advice

Paragraph 189 – 190 of the National Planning Policy Framework stresses that local planning authorities should encourage applicants to take advantage of the pre-application stage of a planning application. It states that “the more issues that can be resolved at pre-application stage, the greater the benefits”.

Our team will present a confident case of your ideas and plans to the local planning authority and actively engage in negotiation with them. We can prepare sketch schemes in house or work alongside your existing architects. Using our experience in the public sector we can also advise early on what is likely to be looked upon favourably to save time negotiating a losing position with the council; we can also offer a more comprehensive Site Appraisal service.

Please check with your local planning authority whether there will be a fee charged for them undertaking this service as charges vary between boroughs – or give one of our team a call on 01202 551991 and let us help!