Planning Application

Planning Application

We offer a complete service from an initial Site Appraisal, through Pre-application Advice and, most importantly, submitting your planning applications!

We look at what the local planning authority will be considering and add justification for your application, having had experience of undertaking this role for different councils in London, the South East and South West we have a solid understanding of the different issues that will be considered.

Complex proposals sometimes necessitate the need for a team of professional individuals to be brought together and we can project manage multi-disciplined teams in order to obtain your desired planning consent. Your application may be determined by the Planning/Development Control Committee of your local authority and we are highly experienced at making deputations in support of your application at this stage of the process.

The application will be submitted electronically and we can arrange for scale plans to be prepared for you or alternatively work with your appointed architects. All our applications are supported by a robust Planning Statement; increasingly councils are requiring these as a standard requirement before they will consider your application.

The statement serves two purposes, it shows the council that you have fully considered the planning issues and it also helps to present our arguments and any evidence that may be needed to sway a decision in your favour. A decent application can be refused if the applicant has failed to justify the development!

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