If you have been contacted by your local planning authority regarding a development that they consider needs planning permission then you may be in a position to apply retrospectively. Retrospective applications are treated the same way as regular planning applications.

Alternatively you may need to reach a compromise with the council and having professional assistance during the negotiation process puts you in a much stronger position. If you would like to engage our services to pre-empt a Planning Enforcement Notice then the earlier we are instructed the greater benefit we can add.

Planning Contravention Notices

A Planning Contravention Notice (PCN) is a notice which is normally used as an initial step in taking enforcement action. The notice sets out what the Planning Authority considers to be wrong and what actions are required to put things right. It will also require information to be given about owner’s interest in the land, which may well be used in future enforcement proceedings.

It is important that you seek proper advice before returning the information requested in the notice, to ensure that you adopt the right strategy for dealing with it. We have encountered situations where the forms are completed in haste and defences that could have otherwise been offered have been missed. In particular, there are opportunities to set out whether there is an existing lawful use.

Failing to comply with a notice carries a fine of up to £1,000 and giving false or misleading information is a serious matter, with fines of up to £5000.

Planning Enforcement services