If you chose to comply with an Enforcement Notice without appealing or once an appeal has been determined, with steps for compliance varied or upheld, there is a specified time by which all the works must be complete.

Your local planning authority has discretion to relax the period for compliance and we can negotiate on your behalf to try and get an extension if it can be demonstrated that more time is needed.

Once you have complied with the notice it is important to have the notice checked and recorded that the notice has been satisfied. This is important should you wish to sell your property as the notice will be visible to potential buyers who will seek to ensure that no liability is passed to them.

Having a Chartered Town Planner check that the notice has been complied with has two advantages. Firstly if the requirements have not been fully satisfied then this can be identified and put right, avoiding potential prosecution proceedings and secondly a satisfactory check can lead to your consultant sending over the evidence that the notice has been complied with to the council.

Failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice is a criminal offence and can lead to fines of up to £20,000 in the magistrates court, the council undertaking the work themselves and passing the cost back to you and/or, in cases where you receive an income from the breach, unlimited fines under the Proceeds of Crime Act! We have in-house legal team who can represent you if the local planning authority proceed with prosecution action.

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