Representations to Local Plans

Representations to Emerging Local Plans

When a local planning authority wants to adopt a new planning policy document there are certain standards of consultation that need to be satisfied. In short this means giving everyone who lives or works in an area an opportunity to have an input into the direction that any new policies take.

Whether you are concerned about an allocation the council are proposing nearby or have a parcel of land that you hope to develop yourself in the future, interacting with the council is increasingly important.

The planning consultancy has experience of writing emerging policy for the local planning authority side. This experience can be put to your benefit as we know what is required to make a plan sound and adopted, which also means we know what things can be challenged.

Planning through the plan making process is also a passive method of gaining planning permission. Your site can be promoted through an emerging plan to have existing policy restrictions lifted!

Early engagement is not necessary but is advised. If we know what your ambitions are early in the process we can work efficiently to get the best results.